Academic Labs AMA Recap: Web3 and AI in Education – Unveiling the Grand MVP and Airdrop Details

Singapore – Dec 7, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – The global educational technology firm, Academic Labs, hosted their second Ask Me Anything (AMA) meeting on Binance Live in partnership with Ultiverse on December 5th. The event attracted substantial attention, amassing over 18,000 views within a day, signifying the growing interest in the intersection of AI, Web3, and education.

Reassessing Academic Labs’ Vision and Mission: Emphasizing Web3 as a Game-Changer in Online Education

The Academic Labs team, led by CEO Terry, underlined their commitment to revolutionizing online education through the integration of AI and Web3 technologies. Terry, a veteran in the blockchain and education realms, believes that the future of education is online, but current Web2-based education systems fall short in accessibility and value delivery. The integration of AI and Web3 in Academic Labs’ approach aims to address these issues, providing copyright protection for educational resources and personalized learning experiences.

Kennick, the Director of Partnerships, corroborated Terry’s view, emphasizing the potential of Web3 and AI to fill the significant gap in online education, particularly for adult learners. Ryan, the Head of Marketing and Blockchain Listing, noted that the inherent value-addition characteristic of Web3, coupled with AI, enhances the transparency and traceability of educational progress.

Building Academic Labs’ Ecosystem Step-by-Step: Focus on Partnerships and Investment

Academic Labs announced the leadership of the United Overseas Bank Signum Blockchain Fund in their seed investment round, with co-founder Kingston Kwek, and a yet-to-be-announced major cryptocurrency exchange also leading the round. However, further information about the specifics of the seed round remains undisclosed by the involved team.

Meanwhile, The company is actively seeking partnerships in three key areas: media, technology, and education, with a current focus on educational alliances with leading blockchain and AI institutes.

Anticipating the Launch of the MVP and Associated Campaigns

The team also announced the imminent launch of their MVP by the end of the year, highlighted by two major campaigns: a content creator contest and an airdrop program. The contest invites educators globally to contribute content to the Academic Labs platform, with significant awards for top contributors.

The contest invites educators globally to contribute content to the Academic Labs platform, with significant awards for top contributors. In addition, Academic Labs invites highly esteemed educators, researchers, and professors, to serve as judges in the competition. This presents a remarkable opportunity for participating educators to gain insights and enrich their experience in the field.

The airdrop event is designed to attract the initial wave of active learners to the platform within the first six weeks post-launch. Academic Labs envisions this pioneer group of learners as a key catalyst in their platform and community’s long-term evolution and enrichment. Furthermore, users will have free access to educational resources and the opportunity to earn rewards.

Insights from Guest Speakers: Collaborating with Academic Labs to Democratize Education

Guest speakers at the AMA included Japhet, the Founder of Frac, and Evan, the founder of TurboGlobal, both expressed their excitement to partner with Academic Labs to promote accessibility and security of online educational resources.


Academic Labs continues to demonstrate its commitment to reshaping the educational landscape through the power of AI and Web3 technologies. Stay tuned for more updates.

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Academic Labs is an innovative company at the forefront of educational transformation. With a focus on harnessing the power of blockchain technology, AI, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), Academic Labs has developed a groundbreaking educational platform that aims to make learning more engaging, effective, and accessible for everyone.

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Frac enables on-chain fractionalisation of assets to help both asset owners and investors unlock new opportunities


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