Lifenet and Eisai Co-Develop Dementia Insurance “be”

TOKYO, Mar 21, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – LIFENET INSURANCE COMPANY and Eisai Co., Ltd. announced today that they have co-developed Dementia Insurance “be”, a dementia insurance that supports early detection and treatment of dementia and mild cognitive impairment (hereafter, “MCI”) as one of the initiatives under the capital and business alliance agreement concluded in August 2022 for collaboration in dementia and other areas. 

Environment Surrounding Dementia 

Prevalence of dementia is increasing year-by-year amid an aging population, among other factors. In Japan, it is estimated that approximately one in five people aged 65 or older will be living with dementia by 2025*1, and it is a common disease that could affect anyone. In addition to medical and nursing care costs, dementia can also cause financial burden to family members who are responsible for nursing and other forms of care, such as transportation costs due to long distance commutes required for care and reduced income due to decreased work hours. 

Background Behind the Development of “be” 

In August 2022, Lifenet and Eisai entered into a capital and business alliance agreement to collaborate in dementia and other areas with the aim of helping reduce the burden of medical and nursing care for people living in Japan’s aging society, and have been considering new insurance products and services as a joint initiative. 

For the early treatment of dementia, it is thought that detecting the disease in the stage of MCI is important. MCI is the stage just before dementia diagnosis, where cognitive function is somewhere between the healthy and dementia states. Early detection and appropriate preventative measures may prolong or restore the existing state, or reduce the progression to dementia. 

Although some measures including lifestyle changes and exercise are considered effective in treating MCI, with the approval of a new pharmaceutical treatment for some types of MCI and mild dementia in 2023*2, medication may also become an option for early treatment. Pharmaceutical treatment is covered by public service, but it is important to be financial prepared as a certain amount of co-payment is required, including for tests and other expenses. 

In light of these circumstances, Lifenet and Eisai co-developed a dementia insurance based on the concept of early detection and treatment, by leveraging Eisai’s experience and network in drug discovery and disease awareness activities in the field of dementia, which it has built up over many years, and Lifenet’s know-how and technologies cultivated in insurance products and related services. This dementia insurance product is offered by Lifenet. 

Overview of Dementia Insurance “be” 

Dementia Insurance “be” supports the early detection and treatment of dementia, increasing treatment options by providing generous coverage from the MCI stage. 

In addition, in order to detect dementia at an early stage, it is important for not only policyholders but also their family members and others around them to pay attention to their brain health and understand the differences between age-related forgetfulness and cognitive decline leading to dementia. At the same time as the launch of Dementia Insurance “be”, an official LINE account Brenavi*3 focused on Eisai’s dementia-related content will be provided to support the prevention, early detection, and aftercare of dementia through the provision of information on brain health, a search function for medical institutions, brain training games and brain-stimulating exercise content. 

Newly Launched Services to Support Maintenance and Improvement of Brain Health, and Understanding on MCI/Dementia 

1. Exclusive Service for Policyholders of Dementia Insurance “be” 

Eisai’s brain health (brain performance) self-check tool NouKNOW® (non-medical device) is planned to be offered to Dementia Insurance “be” policyholders as an ancillary service by the end of 2024. NouKNOW is a tool that uses a simple card test using a PC, tablet or smartphone device to perform four tests evaluating psychomotor function, attention, learning and memory, and working memory. Its purpose is not to prevent or diagnose disease, but to raise policyholders’ awareness of brain health through regular checks. 

2. Services Available for Everyone 

Brenavi will be launched as a service to support the maintenance and improvement of brain health and understanding of MCI and dementia. Brenavi is an official LINE account that provides information related to MCI and dementia. This service is not limited to Dementia Insurance “be” policyholders and is available to everyone. 

It will introduce a wide range of brain-related information, including free brain training game Brain Workout*4, the exercise program Brepacise*4 that stimulates the brain while having fun, and Forgetfulness Consultation Navi*4 where users are able to search for medical institutions throughout Japan where they can have a consultation regarding forgetfulness. 

(1) Source: Cabinet Office, “Annual Report on the Aging Society, Fiscal Year 2017 Edition”
(2) New treatment is indicated for patients of MCI and mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease
(3) Brenavi is an official LINE Account operated by Lifenet
(4) Services provided by Eisai 

*The Brenavi LINE account can be added as a friend by scanning the QR code on the right. (Japanese only) 

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