Toyota to Open New Tokyo Head Office in Shinagawa in FY2030

Toyota City, Japan, Mar 22, 2024 – (JCN Newswire via – Toyota Motor Corporation will sign a new agreement with Keikyu Corporation in relation to the agreement signed in 2020 to serve as a joint operator in the development of the Shinagawa Station West Exit area. The new agreement relates to the transfer of a portion of land in the corresponding area as well as the joint construction and operation of a planned building to promote urban development.Toyota will open a new Tokyo Head Office in FY2030 in the building, which is planned for construction in the Shinagawa Station West Exit vicinity. This area is expected to see improvements in urban functions with the opening of the maglev line and other projects going forward.

As the automotive industry concept is being transformed by CASE* and other technological innovations, Toyota is being revamped into a mobility company to deliver smiles and happiness to people around the world through a variety of mobility services. To achieve this goal, Toyota believes that it is necessary to create new value through the integration of mobility with social systems by working to extend the value of mobility and achieve a sustainable coexistence between humanity and the earth, including carbon neutrality.The new Tokyo Head Office will be an important base for leading Toyota’s efforts focused on these new realms. It will serve as a place for collaborative creation where a diverse group of partners can gather, with software development functions and facilities necessary for demonstrations.

Concept Images of Toyota’s Office Environment

In addition to the latest office facilities and equipment, Toyota aims to create an environment where diverse human resources can gather and exercise their creativity, such as by allowing them to bring their own mobility devices into the office.Toyota will also consider introducing welfare and other systems as well as infrastructure that will enable new work styles to be implemented.

*Acronym for Connected, Autonomous/Automated, Shared, and Electric

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