Jordan to step up security after police officer killed in ‘riots’

Jordanian security forces deploy their armoured vehicles in the southern city of Maan, some 220 kms south of the capital Amman, on Dec 16, 2022 hours after a senior police officer was shot dead in riots during a strike against rising fuel prices in the area. (KHALIL MAZRAAWI / AFP)

AMMAN — Jordan's Public Security Directorate (PSD) said on Saturday that it will beef up security presence across the country to ensure enforcement of the law after a police officer was killed on Thursday in "riots" in southern Jordan.

Increasing security presence aims to safeguard citizens' security and safety as well as their freedom and safety of movement on the nation's roads, said a PSD statement.

Over the past few weeks, protests erupted in several provinces of Jordan over higher fuel costs

Anyone attempting to attack public and private property will be confronted by department personnel, it added.

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Earlier in the day, the PSD announced the arrest of 44 people who reportedly took part in riots in various parts of the country which resulted in the death of the police officer and the injury of 49 others.

Also on Saturday, Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh stressed the importance of taking necessary measures to maintain law enforcement, implement the rule of law, protect public and private properties and more, state-run Petra news agency reported.

Over the past few weeks, protests erupted in several provinces of Jordan over higher fuel costs. The protests turned violent this week when demonstrators blocked roads with burning tires and clashed with security forces in some areas.

Jordan's fuel costs have almost doubled since last year, especially the kerosene for heating and diesel used by buses and trucks.