NFT Crowdfunding Platform Snowseed, PDT Coin Airdrop for Solana Saga 2 Phone

Jakarta, Indonesia – 03/25/2024 – (SeaPRwire) – NFT crowdfunding platform Snowseed announces its airdrop for Solana Saga 2 Phone.

The Solana ecosystem has seen significant expansion with the rise of meme coin $Bonk, leading to a substantial increase in Solana-based coins. Recently, Solana has surpassed BNB in market capitalization and climbed to the fourth position in terms of coin market capitalization. The Saga Phone, released by Solana, has had a significant impact on the Solana ecosystem and appears to have contributed greatly to the formation of a robust user base. The popularity of the Solana Phone seems to stem from the anticipation surrounding coin airdrops. Solana has seen its price increase more than fifteenfold since last year, with meme coins and NFTs being exclusive offerings contributing to its success.

With such anticipation, PDT, a coin used in PDT cancer-specialized medical facility based on Solana, has also conducted an airdrop. A PDT coin representative stated, “The airdrop was conducted to introduce PDT coin to Solana Phone users and secure liquidity pools. It is planned to be used for cancer treatment across Indonesia based on actual usage. Additionally, due to Indonesia’s characteristics as an archipelago, blockchain transactions are active due to the limitations of centralized banks, and based on this, several companies plan to launch coins for various sectors.”

Currently, PDT coin can be traded on DEX exchanges such as Raydium and Jupiter at $1.5.

About Saga Phone

Saga, dubbed as the Solana Phone, was first launched in June 2022 under the umbrella of Solana’s development firm to provide mobile services optimized for Web3, including virtual asset trading, NFT issuance, and decentralized finance activities. While initial sales were sluggish, the phones were quickly sold out, and they even fetched prices as high as $5000 on online auction sites, five times their original price.

About Snowseed

Snowseed means “people who plant snow seeds and make snowballs.” Even a small piece of snow that fits in your hand can become a snowball if rolled down from the top of a high mountain like a landslide. The current global economy shows no signs of recovery due to various repercussions, resulting in a stagnant corporate investment market. In the spirit of harmony, Snowseed attract people and companies from all over the world to Asia and promote Asian economic and cultural development. The company will create a connected metaverse platform.

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